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Dr. Walt Gulick: Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, MSU-Billings. Walt Gulick travels and teaches widely and has a deep personal and academic interest in environment related matters. Walt is also very active in the arts. Walt is one of MusEco’s founding board members.

Sue Reymer : Montana Statewide Technology Librarian. Sue brings her knowledge of research methods and resources and her enthusiasm for contemporary music to MusEco’s board. Sue is very active in her profession and was a Peace Corps volunteer in Poland in the early 90’s. Sue’s work allows her to spend time on the road visiting libraries all over Montana in places as-yet-undiscovered by tourists. Sue created the MusEco website.

Kristen Prinzing : Kris is the Director of Operations for MusEco Media and Education Project.

Dr. Connie Landis : Professor of Art, Montana State University Billings. Connie has been teaching art for over 41 years. Connie is an artist and has a special interest in the connection between art and the environment.

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