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WHY WE FORMED MusEco Media and Education Project

MusEco Media and Education Project was officially “born” on August 19, 2003 when we filed our non-profit corporation paperwork with the state. Federal non-profit status was officially granted by the United States Internal Revenue Service in May, 2004.

Since that time, Kris and Scott have frequently been asked to explain just exactly why they formed MusEco, so here is a brief explanation.

MusEco was formed for several reasons, but the most important one is that our region lacks a non-partisan, non-advocacy, non-profit organization that focuses specifically on educating the public on environment, music, visual arts and Native American issues – especially as they intersect. Our work is about education – delivering information to the public utilizing the most innovative, appropriate and effective vehicles available to do so. Providing the public with information on our four focus areas enhances our local and regional communities by giving people what they need to fully participate in our democracy.

Because of the combination of our skills, our educational background and our experience, we felt strongly that we possessed the tools to create an organization capable of delivering high-quality information to the public while running an efficient and opportunity-oriented operation.

We look forward to being able to fill needs in our community and region with MusEco’s work.

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