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Our Staff

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MusEco staff have many years of experience in teaching, production, speaking and writing for publication. Each have Masters of Education degrees and a variety of skills and experience that support the mission and goals of MusEco as well as provide the organization with administrative expertise in the areas of marketing, development and finance.

Our Executive Director

Kristen Prinzing, M.Ed.
Executive Director and Coordinator of Environment and Visual Arts Programs

Kris earned a bachelors degree with a triple major in Art History, Anthropology and American Indian Studies. After graduating, she gained professional experience in development and fundraising. Later, she received her Masters of Education degree with a concentration in Environmental Philosophy and Informal Education and has worked in the fields of journalism and sustainability education since that time.

Kris has extensive experience producing content for a variety of media formats, including radio, television, print and online. Her primary specialty area is environment (particularly sustainability, religion, humanities, land conservation, business and general interest). She also specializes in visual arts and the issues and culture of indigenous peoples of north America. She also has a strong interest in ethnomusicology but has not yet published in that field.

Currently, Kris is focusing most of her efforts on producing the television series Green Smarts with the Green Man (R), administering all of MusEco's programs and working on several new projects. She also recently became a member of the Humanities Montana Speakers Bureau, continues to write for local and regional publications and write, perform and record original music (see Earthshine's website!)

Kris has taught as adjunct faculty in the Environmental Studies department at MSU-Billings and serves on the board of the Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness Foundation.

Our Education Director

Scott Prinzing, M.Ed.
Director of Education and Coordinator of Music and Native American Programs

Scott earned a bachelors degree in American Indian studies. Before and after graduation, Scott worked in education, legal services and the building trade. After several years, he returned to school to acquire a Masters of Education degree with elementary teaching certification. He has worked in formal and informal education since he completed his Masters degree, while continuing his career as a music journalist.

Scott's interest in broadcasting began in childhood but was first realized in the '80s when he worked as a regular DJ on his college's radio station. Over the years he has continued to pursue this interest.

Scott is a music journalist whose work included writing the local music column for over 8 years for the weekly paper "The Billings Outpost." As a writer, Scott has long maintained a special professional interest in Montana music. For several years he wrote regularly about Montana's music and musicians in a variety of regional glossy magazines. He produced the popular weekly radio program "Montana Muse" on Yellowstone Public Radio for three years and the interview program "In Tune" for two years prior to that.

In 2007 Scott was retained by Montana's Office of Public Instruction to write a curriculum guide on Native American music with a special emphasis on Montana's Native American musicians. Since that time he has done numerous in-school presentations and teacher trainings on the topic and is now able to give this presentation as a member of the Humanities Montana Speakers Bureau, as well.

Scott recently contributed a chapter to "Indigenous Pop" (University of Arizona Press) and is working on a video project about Montana's Native American musicians with Montana's Office of Public Instruction. He is also a member is currently working on a book about contemporary Native American rock music.

Scott also stars as The Green Man in Green Smarts with the Green Man (R).He also produces the Green Man comic book series in collaboration with Kris.

Our Board

Board | Staff

MusEco has a small but excellent board that offers guidance and wisdom to staff. Our chair is a founding member of the MusEco Board of Directors, and our Vice Chair has been with MusEco since 2004. Our board members have exceptional academic and professsional backgrounds and a variety of skills, including extensive board experience, to offer MusEco.

Dr. Walt Gulick

Dr. Walt Gulick: Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, MSU-Billings. Walt Gulick travels and teaches widely and has a deep personal and academic interest in environment related matters. Walt is also very active in the arts. Walt is one of MusEco’s founding board members.

Joni Seeley

Joni Seeley: Land and property appraiser, Billings. Joni works in the appraising profession and has a lifelong interest in music. She organized and promoted a widely acclaimed concert series of folk artists for a few years in Billings, and worked for many years in Texas engaging and promoting folk artists in a nationally known venue.

Mark Sanderson

Mark Sanderson: Mark is co-owner of the Toucan Art Gallery in Billings, Montana. Mark has a degree in Architecture and many years of experience in theater, video producation and scriptwriting. He gives courses in these areas on a regular basis in Billings.

Ken Oravsky

Ken Oravsky: Ken has a background in forestry. He has worked for the Park Service and has run and co-owned a computer business. Ken also has a photography background and is an avid runner. Ken continues to work in the computer networking field.

Kris Prinzing

Kristen Prinzing: Kris is the Executive Director of MusEco Media and Education Project.

Frank Kuehn

Frank Kuehn : Accounting professional, Billings. Frank has worked in the accounting profession for many years and also currently serves as the treasurer of Northern Plains Resource Council and of the Yellowstone Valley Citizens Council.

Dr. Sarah Keller

Dr. Sarah Keller: Assistant Professor of Communication, Department of Communication & Theatre, Montana State University-Billings, Billings, MT. Dr. Keller's teaches principles of public relations, case studies of public relations, research methods, applied communication research, and health communication. She is involved in the study of the use of media in behavior and attitude change.

Ian Elliot

Ian Elliot: Ian is deeply involved in the Billings performing arts community, has been the director of Arts Partners Unlimited for over 17 years and is the Project Coordinator for the Montana Center for Disabilities. Ian is a musician, actor, event organizer and promoter and a Brain Injury survivor with a Master of Science in Vocational Rehabilitation and Counseling.

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MusEco thanks it's partners and supporters!!

Partners include KTVQ Television (Billings), Montana PBS (Bozeman), and the Office of Public Instruction (OPI - Indian Ed) (Helena). Underwriters of our broadcast projects include Montana State University-Billings, Sylvan Peak Mountain Shoppe and Montana Harvest Natural Foods. Special thanks also go to the many individuals who donate annually, volunteers who give of their time, and funders like the Greater Montana Foundation who see the value in our work. Thank you!


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