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The Media in MusEco Media!

imageWhat makes our organization unique in the region is our emphasis on broadcast media as a primary delivery mechanism for the quality information resources we produce.

This is the best, most efficient way that we get the word out on topics and issues critical to sustaining quality of life and supporting local and regional culture.

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Television Projects

MusEco television productions include "Green Smarts with the Green Man (R)", "Montana Gets Green" with KTVQ in Billings, and our television program "Green Trends West" through Community Seven TV in Billings. All three productions emphasize or emphasized communicating information and resources about sustainable living and sustainable business to the public.

Currently, we are working on a new production about Montana's Native American Musicians, and have plans to begin a show called "MindFull Eating" that focuses on issues, ideas and experiences surrounding food.

Green Smarts with the Green Man (R)

Green Smarts with the Green Man is our sustainable living series that has aired for TEN YEARS on CBS-affiliate KTVQ television in Billings. (And on PBS in the past, as well!) This fun, funny, lighthearted but educational series brings veteran actor Scott Prinzing to the big screen to demonstrate sustainable living practices and procedures. Everyone LOVES it... and you will too!

Scott is The Green Man (R), and the series is written, filmed and produced by Kris Prinzing. Kris also does the narration for the series.

You can watch episodes of Green Smarts with the Green Man (R) from our Green Man website!

Green Trends West

Green Trends West is a program that explores innovations and trends in sustainability in our region, hosted by MusEco's Kris Prinzing. The program aired on Community 7 but ceased production in late 2011.

In the series, Kris interviewed individuals who are leading positive, innovative projects in sustainability and environment in our local and regional community. Many of the guests were businesspeople, talking about their business' efforts to be sustainable or support the sustainability efforts of others.

Montana Gets Green

Montana Gets Green was a 2-minute monthly news feature that MusEco produced in collaboration with KTVQ television in Billings during 2008/2009. The pieces featured local businesses and organizations efforts to incorporate sustainable practices and products into their operations. The series also featured sustainable living resources.

Below you can watch the July 2009 episode! After watching it you may link to 8 other episodes!

Click here for video!

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Radio Projects

Montana Muse

Montana Muse was a weekly radio show that featured music created by Montanans. The program aired from February 2005 - May of 2008 on Yellowstone Public Radio. The emphasis was on Montanan-made music that rarely receives airplay on commercial radio stations: bluegrass, classical, folk, instrumental, blues, jazz and traditional country and western, plus music from Montana's ethnic traditions. Each program was organized around a musical genre or theme, and the musical selections were interspersed with host Scott Prinzing's informational commentary.

In 2007, Montana Muse was honored with an E.B. Craney award in recognition of the excellence and importance of the program!

Soon we will post the entire archive of Montana Muse radio programs on this website, and you will be able to link to all of them from this page!

Waste Not Want Not

Waste Not Want Not: Conserving the Last Best Place (WNWN) aired for exactly four years on Yellowstone Public Radio. See our Program History page for more details.

All of the programs are archived on CD's in our office. How quaint! For more information or copies of back shows, contact us.

In Tune

In Tune was produced by Scott Prinzing for Yellowstone Public Radio in 2001- 2003. The program featured interviews with a variety of interesting Montana musicians. Program archives will eventually be available on this page. See our program history page for more information.

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Print Projects

Scott and Kris both write for local and regional publications in their specialty areas.

Kris wrote the Eco-Sense column in the Billings lifestyle glossy Magic City Magazine for three years. Prior to that she wrote fairly regularly about environment and visual arts topics for The Billings Outpost . See past articles at the respective websites: search them for Kristen Prinzing. (We hope to post articles here in the future.)

In April of 2009, Scott completed TEN years writing about music for The Billings Outpost, eight and a half of that was his local music column In Tune. While he was very sad to part with his column, it was time to move on to new things. Scott enjoyed meeting many, many talented and dynamic people over the course of writing for The Outpost, and is proud to lay claim to starting the annual Tuney Awards (Kris's idea, Scott's albatross) in 2001.

Scott wrote a Montana music column for Montana Magazine from 2004 - 2007, and has written articles about Montana music for Montana Living, Queen City News and Magic City Experience as well.

Kris has also contributed occasionally to Bozeman-based Zone 4 gardening magazine (Rocky Mountain Gardening until 2017)!

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Scott has a blog about Montana music called My Montana Muse but doesn't have time to write much in it!

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MusEco thanks it's partners and supporters!!

Partners include KTVQ Television (Billings), Montana PBS (Bozeman), and the Office of Public Instruction (OPI - Indian Ed) (Helena). Underwriters of Green Smarts with the Green Man have included Montana State University-Billings, Sylvan Peak Mountain Shoppe and Montana Harvest Natural Foods. Special thanks also go to the many individuals who donate annually, volunteers who give of their time, and funders like the Greater Montana Foundation who see the value in our work. Thank you!


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