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In a mere 6+ years, MusEco has accomplished a LOT, putting on retreats, seminars, educational events, producing radio programs, television programs, writing many articles and much, much more. Below is information about these endeavors categorized by program area.

Please visit our Program Incubater page (when it is actually up on this website, that is!) to find out about MusEco programs areas and projects that are in the planning or development stages.



The most exciting collaboration ever, in the history of our organization, was Montana Gets Green produced with KTVQ in Billlings!!! Check it out at!! For about a year, we produced 2-minute features about sustainable businesses, products and lifestyles in Billings. Then we made an even more exciting leap to the broadcast (still on KTVQ) of our widely-adored "Green Smarts with the Green Man" series that you can read about on our Green Man website and our media page! See episodes on the Green Man website or on our YouTube channel. All our television projects are produced by Kris Prinzing, MusEco's Director.

She also produced television program called Green Trends West - read more on our media page!


Waste Not Want Not: Conserving the Last Best Place (WNWN) aired for exactly four years on Yellowstone Public Radio. Highlights included a series about water, a series on Wilderness, regular programs touching on Native American issues related to the environment, Earth Day live call-in specials, including one about Environmental Ethics with Dr. William Lynn, Dr. Walt Gulick and the "father of environmental ethics" Dr. Holmes Rolston. Programs often touched on topics like environmental innovations, sustainability initiatives, alternative fuels like biodiesel, local and organic foods, endangered species, sustainable building and much, much, much more.

Many of the programs will be archived on our website in the future.

Events and Classes:

In the past, MusEco regularly put on retreats, seminars and informational lectures on a variety of topics in our focus areas. As time permits, MusEco staff continue to teach adult-ed courses in Music and Environment/Sustainable Living topics. We aren't currently focusing our time on events in order to give our video productions more of our attentionm, but plan to rekindle that area of our organization's work as soon as our staffing levels have increased to requisite levels.

WildPATHS Retreat:

Wild Places and the Human Spirit Family Retreat (WildPATHS), May 25 - 27, 2007: This exciting weekend retreat was a project of MusEco Media and Education Project. The retreat was for families and individuals interested in our great wild outdoor places. The purpose of the retreat was to provide an opportunity for learning, exploration and relationship building through workshops, outdoor experiences and fun group activities.

Wilderness, environment, ecology and the wonder of the living world around us are the primary focus of the retreat's learning opportunities. The connections between Wilderness and the human spirit through philosophy, history, music, art, poetry and outdoor experiences are emphasized.

The retreat has traditionally been held at the Timber Crest Girl Scout Camp south of Red Lodge. We hope to hold the retreat again in the future.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: go to the WildPATHS page (WildPATHS) OR call MusEco at 406-591-0575!!

Green Business Seminar

Green to Gold: Watching Sustainability Transform Your Bottom Line

Thursday, September 28, 2006

This half-day seminar featured nationally-recognized sustainability implementation expert Darcy Hitchcock introducing Montana businesses to the profit potential in being or becoming a sustainable business in Montana.

Check out the BROCHURE! Read the SUMMARY PAPER!

Past Lectures hosted by MusEco :

"Prairie Whispers" with Ralph Scott

"Green Buildling De-Mystified"with Ed Gulick

Classes Taught by MusEco staff:

Kris teaches a variety of sustainability classes upon request, customizable to the needs of your organization. Her class 25 Ways to Live More Softly on the Earth in collaboration with MSU-Billings Outreach was very popular.

Kris is also available to teach the workshop Music and Nature; An Exploration of the Role of Music in Humankind's Relationship with the Natural World and give the lecture "Nature, Music, Evolution and Cognition" upon request.

Kris speaks on a variety of environment-related topics with a special interest in topics that explore the intersection of nature and culture, and how this illuminates our relationship with the natural world. Kris can readily prepare a customized talk for your needs.


Montana Muse

Montana Muse was a weekly radio show that featured music created by Montanans. The emphasis was on Montanan-made music that rarely receives airplay on commercial radio stations: bluegrass, classical, folk, instrumental, blues, jazz and traditional country and western, plus music from Montana's ethnic traditions. Each program was organized around a musical genre or theme, and the musical selections were interspersed with host Scott Prinzing's informational commentary. The program enables Montanans to participate in an exploration of our living culture - as it unfolds - through the music created on our unparalleled landscape. This researched, professional radio show filled a need for programming that focuses on the lively, vibrant and continually creative music and musicians of Montana. Montana Muse was unique in that it was the only regular program broadcasting in Montana devoted to the talent in our state. Our region offers a truly amazing spectrum of musical talent; the show never faced a lack of musicians or fresh music. Unfortunately, it is no longer airing! 

In Tune

In Tune was produced by Scott Prinzing for Yellowstone Public radio from 2001 - 2003. The program featured interviews with a variety of Montana's outstanding musicians, including Eden Atwood, TJ Casey, Tim Nordstrom, Amy Martin, Jared Stewart, Kristin Korb, Burke Jam, Clay Green, T.J. Casey, Walkin' Jim Stoltz and more.

Native American Issues

Our work in this area has frequently intersected with our work in other areas! See our Native American Music page for details!

Visual Arts

While this program area has not received as much attention as the others, Kris does write about art in local and regional publications when she can. Past stories include a review by Kris of an exhibit of work by Billings artist Gordon McConnell. (VIEW STORY) Whitefish-based Montana Living ran an article about current exhibits at Yellowstone Art Museum in 2006 and published an article about the exhibit “Lewis and Clark Territory: Contemporary Artists Revisit Place, Race and Memory” in their Winter issue. In September 2004, The Billings Outpost published an article by Kris on another YAM exhibit of works by Peter Koch (VIEW STORY). The exhibit touches on both Native American and environment issues. It was an extremely compelling art show.

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MusEco thanks it's partners and supporters!!

Partners include KTVQ Television (Billings), Montana PBS (Bozeman), and the Office of Public Instruction (OPI - Indian Ed) (Helena). Underwriters of Green Smarts with the Green Man have included Montana State University-Billings, Sylvan Peak Mountain Shoppe and Montana Harvest Natural Foods. Special thanks also go to the many individuals who donate annually, volunteers who give of their time, and funders like the Greater Montana Foundation who see the value in our work. Thank you!


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