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Talks, Lectures, Presentations, Workshops, Seminars and Classes!

imageThe work of MusEco Media and Education Project is to get the word out on topics and issues critical to sustaining quality of life. MusEco provides timely, relevant, useful information to the public in order that people have the tools they need to participate in and support local and regional culture and live sustainable, earth-friendly lives.

One of the ways that we do this is by giving talks, lectures, presentations, workshops, seminars and classes about topics in our specialty areas. Both our principal staff members have Masters of Education degrees, which enhances their ability to deliver the highest quality, most user-friendly, comprehensive information to students and learners of all ages. See below for a list of all the talks, lectures, presentations, workshops, seminars and classes we have given. (Please note: we just created this page and are still working on compiling a comprehensive and exhaustive list as of 12/30/12!)


American Indian Music: Even More than Drums and Flutes

The Role of Media in Environmental Education Outcomes (K-12)

The Myth and Mystique of the Green Man

The Green Man in Art, Architecture and Literature

The Green Man, Children's Culture and the Power of Myth

Music and the Environment

Bruce Cockburn and the Seven Principles

The Heart of Suffering

Nature: Crossing Boundaries

Earth To Humans

Is Sustainability Possible?

Can Media Help Get Kids Outside? Yes!


25 Ways To Live More Softly On The Earth (single class)

Cutting the Cost Concern (single class, especially for religious institutions)

Sustainable Living 101 (single class)

Religion and the Environment (4-week mini-course)

Introduction to Environmental Studies (semester long academic course)

Seminars and Retreats

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WildPATHS retreats

Green to Gold Seminar

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MusEco thanks it's partners and supporters!!

Partners include KTVQ Television (Billings), Montana PBS (Bozeman), and the Office of Public Instruction (OPI - Indian Ed) (Helena). Underwriters of our broadcast projects include Montana State University-Billings, Sylvan Peak Mountain Shoppe and Montana Harvest Natural Foods. Special thanks also go to the many individuals who donate annually, volunteers who give of their time, and funders like the Greater Montana Foundation who see the value in our work. Thank you!


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